sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

The Veil = El Velo

I felt honoured to do this illustration for El Torres. He's the writer of the marvelous "The Veil" comic book, drawn by Gabriel Hernández. Fantastic work from those guys.

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011


"Vir" Movie Illustration

Bojan Vuk Kosovcevic, director of the movie "Vir", asked me to do an illustration which is supposed to be the central and the most simbolic part of his great motion picture, as a big wall painting (7X3 metres). The movie will be released very soon, so I'll keep you informed about. I'm afraid the image you see is not finished yet, but it's ready enough to be shown, isn't it ?

More "El Cid" Background Designs...

Background designs for the animation movie "El Cid, The Legend".

The Cluny Festival Poster Art

Guys from the Cluny Comics Festival asked me to do the poster for their 2004 year convention. Here's the result...

El Coyote

Here's one of the illustrations I did for the collection of novels "El Coyote", published by Planeta de Agostini (Spain). In few days I'll post the other two paintings...

Central Zero Cover Art

Here's the cover, a free illustration and back cover from an album I published some years ago...